The Gantt Chart for Windows

Create project plans, manage activities, schedule tasks, assign resources, track time, expenditures, people, and print professional looking charts.

GanttChart can be used in a wide variety of applications including

  • software development,
  • office management,
  • engineering,
  • and construction.


  • User friendly, intuitive UI
  • A powerful Gantt Chart as the core component for scheduling tasks
  • Prints professional looking charts
  • Export charts to PDF, PNG/JPG, MS Excel spreadsheet, MS Word
  • Ability to postpone or move a project
  • Editor of resources
  • Editor of working time
  • Resource Usage Chart that can find overloaded resources
  • Timeline that can zoom from minutes to years
  • Several tuned color themes the user can choose from
  • Clipboard support


The software is open source.


GanttChart 2.3, 7-November-2014

  • Fix: minor bug fixes

GanttChart 2.2, 20-March-2012

  • Fix: problem with timezone in the XML document

GanttChart 2.1, 4-Dec-2011

  • Bugfixing release

GanttChart 2.0, 4-Jan-2010

  • Feature: modified style in the Resource Usage Chart
  • Fix: scrolling with mouse over a collapsed task could throw an exception

GanttChart 2007 [], 26-Aug-2007

  • Feature: Move task up / Move task down buttons
  • Feature: shapes drop shadows in the Gantt Chart
  • Feature: integrated export to PDF and MS Word
  • Feature: optional format of length and work values
  • Fix: it was possible to set zero length of task parts in a multipart task
  • Fix: summaries with a single child could have an incorrect 'Completed' status
  • Fix: the Info column is now possible to hide